My name is Zane Liu.

I am a software development engineer currently living in Beijing.

Working at 洋葱学园 洋葱学园
Contributing Vue Vue Taro Taro Pixi Pixi

I use Typescript most of the time and am currently learning Rust.

I like and am good at independent thinking, formulating long-term plans and strategies, like solving complex problems, and am interested in new technologies, new ideas and innovations.

Outside of coding, I like skiing, playing around with Raspberry Pi and guitar, I have my own "farm", I have a dog (漏洞) and a cat (胖子), and in my free time I like to cook with my girlfriend (soon to be wife).

Zelda, Don't Starve, Oxygen Not Included, Red Dead Redemption 2, Civilization V/VI player, occasionally Battlefield V.

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Or mail me at hi@zaneliu.me

Have a nice day!